WORLD'S WORST LIE - She tricks her boyfriend for 34 weeks that she's expecting quintuplets

Poor Poor Paul Servat, a 35-year-old man, believed for months that he would become the father of quintuplets. The day he was due, he learned that his partner had lied to him for 34 weeks. Barbara Bienvenue's bédaine did not contain babies, neno! The little little liar always went to her hospital appointments alone, until one day Paul accompanied her and there was no file in Madame Bienvenue's name. But why did she ride this huge boat? The woman is currently under observation in psychiatry, she did not just fool her boyfriend but also his body. This one took the belly, surges of milk, nausea… Still incredible! If your girlfriend is pregnant, I invite you to read this article to see real comics!


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