Here's a booze game to survive the bosses debate!

The newspaper Huffington Post had a great flash deciding to concoct an anti-depression remedy for the leaders' debates! With this recipe, you are guaranteed to have a great evening! Be careful to be very careful not to miss key phrases!

Take a sip if ...

  • François Legault mentions his promise to lower taxes by $ 1000 per family
  • Philippe Couillard mentions his promise to create 250 jobs in five years
  • Pauline Marois promises that every family in Quebec will have a family doctor in 2016
  • Françoise David promises to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% within six years

Take a shot if ...

  • Philippe Couillard talks about a referendum
  • Someone mentions Pierre Karl Péladeau
  • Someone mentions Quebecor shares held by PKP
  • Someone mentions the links between Arthur Porter and Philippe Couillard
  • Someone mentions the alleged “deal” between Pauline Marois' spouse, Claude Blanchet, and the former president of the FTQ, Michel Arsenault.
  • Someone mentions the charter of values ​​/ secularism
  • Someone mentions the Islamic veil

Take two shots if ...

  • Pauline Marois talks about a referendum
  • François Legault pronounces the words "old parties" (we will quickly get drunk ...)
  • Pauline Marois uses the expression "Philippe-flop" about Philippe Couillard
  • François Legault mentions the time when he owned Air Transat
  • Someone mentions the passage of Philippe Couillard in Saudi Arabia

Order a pitcher if ...

  • François Legault takes a definitive position on the constitution
  • Pauline Marois announces that there will be no referendum during a next PQ mandate
  • Philippe Couillard reveals how much his work in Saudi Arabia has earned him
  • Françoise David gets angry