Having a bath in your living room - The new fashion in Quebec homes

Have you always dreamed of being able to take your bath and watch TV? Or do you really like it taking your bath while watching the other supper in the dining room (creepy)? The house of your dreams is located in Lévis! For only $ 198 you can buy this house and thus have a bath / shower between your living room and your kitchen. I know you are crying with joy right now! If you stretch your arm really hard, you can even get a glass of water from the vending machine! I will play the real estate agent, if you don't like it, I invite you to see the Palace of Versailles in Montreal, the creepiest house or even the best decorated house. (via always and again the excellent homerun lady Ti Bri)
House-bath-living room-quebec-01 House-bath-living room-quebec-02 House-bath-living room-quebec-03 House-bath-living room-quebec-04 House-bath-living room-quebec-05 House-bath-living room-quebec-06

As a bonus, you even have the office and a kitchen in the baby's room! COMON is the perfect home for a family!

House-bath-living room-quebec-07