20 people who don't know each other at all and have to kiss on camera

Here is a video in which 20 strangers were brought together two by two to kiss each other greedily in front of the camera. They do not know each other at all and will have to "eat their noses" in the spotlight. It probably occurs to you the time when in a bar where you had drunk too much and that you kissed this person whom you did not know at all… but there it is different: the participants are sober and filmed! A funny idea you think? It is indeed a little awkward. But the more the video progresses, the more we feel moved by this uneasy situation, the more we begin to find it really cute, the more we feel the vulnerability of the participants, the more we enter this brand new and fresh intimacy between two people ... In short, at the end of the day, it creates beautiful moments of humanity that go beyond the somewhat sensationalist aspect that this concept may seem at first sight! To have!