The underwear company UNDZ now offers penis insurance


The underwear company Undz now offers penis insurance with the purchase of 3 pairs of underwear. You read that right, you can now insure your family jewel! UNDZ created L'Assurance P in collaboration with the firm Lloyd (it insures the legs of David Beckham, the legs of Mariah Carey and the vocal cords of Bruce Springsteen). The insurance policy has a value of $ 50, I know you would like to insure your penis for $ 000 million, but 1 is fine! In addition, you receive a splendid certificate that you can hang on your bedroom wall!

You want more information, I invite you to watch the publicity surrounding this news but I warn you she is very very trashy so it's not for everyone.

With your 3 new panties, you can now make the internet trend Snout Gazin and brag that you are insured for $ 50 thanks to Undz!

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