A trip planned for 18 months becomes a roadtrip that has now lasted for almost 25 years

In 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine left for Africa with their Mercedes G Wagen. They were supposed to stay there for 18 months, but the journey continues for almost 25 years now and they travel the planet still in the same vehicle! In fact, Christine is now deceased, but she made her husband promise to continue the trip and this is what he still does today, always accompanied by a photo of his wife. A roadtrip that stretches over more than 800 km (which is the equivalent of 000 times around the earth) and which has taken them to the 20 corners of the planet: Cuba, Iraq, France, Australia, North Korea, States -Unis etc, etc, etc… Their vehicle affectionately named “Otto”, a very common first name in Germany, became the center and the symbol of their adventure.


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