Challenge to stick to the ceiling with gray duck tape


Big Tuesday for the nice mobsters and me, we decided to take up the challenge very hot to stick to the ceiling with gray duck tape (the internet trend is to stick on a wall). To succeed in this challenge, which is not easy, I invited strong men and top ladies! We were frankly super annoyed because the ceiling in my apartment is very high. No choice to have a smile even if the fear was present! Was the ceiling going to fall?

Special thanks Lazer Vallieres from the excellent group Foreign Diplomats, Gabrielle de Lace + Flowers, Lady Camille aka Walking Hyperbola, PM aka I lift refrigerators with my chest, Oli Duclos aka I love brunches so much, Mike aka Who discovers Tinder, Jo Beau aka When I'm hot I show my hair, Jean-Seb aka the capsule analyst, Dave Morgan aka Filibuster comedian who ensures security, Élaine aka Jujube horse Éric Lapointe Lady, the visual artist Lebicar and Ariane aka La Gouleta.

And Mirko boy aka Camera Magician aka Top Top Body Miguel

At one point, I was so hot that I looked like bro Éric Lapointe

Screenshot 2014-02-26 at 10.06.23 copy

At least I have a new sweater now that I'll be wearing all summer!

Screenshot 2014-02-26 to 23.56.12