We can really stick everything with gray duck tape

With some Duct tape or often called Duck tape Gray, we can paste anything we want. This adhesive tape can be used to repair roads, pipes or even make clothes. The big fashion right now is to stick on a wall, even Malajube did it at the time for the clip The Metronome. But the ultimate challenge is to succeed on a ceiling, that's what I present on the show Buzz next Thursday!

553383_10152021760783943_609856266_n   duct-tape ductape_001 FPAKU11F4WY1LJ7.MEDIUM  gray-wall-spare-tire

Robocop Marseille in duck tape


Duct-Tape-Shower-Curtain69 527688_4157178772275_1368163118_33687981_1352698104_n

funny-drunk-guy-sticking-on-wall-by-duct-tapeb568a554de3491453ac54973e975d595 Screenshot 2014-02-24 to 14.56.30 drunk-university-prank-crazy-duct-tape-man-to-the-wall

duct-tape-to-wallROSTHERN JUNIOR COLLEGEweb

The ultimate challenge is to stick to the ceiling!