21 selfies from another era

Since the success of Instagram / Snapchat Selfies are more popular than ever. But is it really new to take a photo in front of the mirror? Not really because here are the 21 oldest selfies currently circulating on the web. At that time you just didn't want to miss your shot, and you probably had to wait a long time to get your picture. (via Smosh)

old-selfies-70s old-selfies-1972 old-selfies-allen-ginsberg old-selfies-big-camera old-selfies-blurry old-selfies-fancy-dress old-selfies-in-countryside old-selfies-kennedys old-selfies-man-suit old-selfies-mirror old-selfie-old-woman old-selfies-on-desk old-selfies-ornate-mirror old-selfies-sammy-davis old-selfies-small-mirror old-selfies-stevie-nicks old-selfies-uniform old-selfies-vintage-dress old-selfies-young-boy old-selfies-young-woman ringo-selfie-vintage

Always with the aim of surpassing myself, I did it the other time with my Mac