If you want to celebrate Valentine's Day on Monday you have to come to Smoking HOT Valentine

Want to get a head start to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? You can't wait until Friday, you want to do a party marathon to mark the feast of love. I invite you to come to Tuxedo HOT Valentine, Speakeasy Burlesques' first show of 2014. You will definitely have hearts in your eyes and fall in love with a top lady / hot dude. For the occasion you will be able to discover the burlesque universe with the artists / pine-up ladies: the pretty Luisa Mona Moors, the seductive Koston Kreme, the delicious Kitty Kin-Evil, the fatal beauty Lexxi Brown, the pretty Cherry D'amour , the hot Elle Diabloe, the fruity Mimi Cherry, the splendid Lavender May and the fascinating Bonbon Bombay.

♡ In addition, I host the evening in Little Little Cupid with the canon lady Bittersweet Billie ♡

Monday February 10 at the Abreuvoir at 8:30 am / Event FB / Tickets