Our winners of the Igloofest / Videotron Mobile contest

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition in collaboration with Videotron Mobile to win 4 tickets for theIgloofest! To participate, you had to tell us why you really want to go to theIgloofest. So here are our 3 winners and their responses that got the most likes!

With 70 likes: Cynthia Dulude Makeup Artist
«Because I want IGLOO, IGLOO, IGLOO, IGLOO, IGLOO… ^^ »


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With 34 likes: Gaby Rojas-Hevia
«Because it's my birthday tomorrow and TO DRINK SAPPORO AND DANCE! YOLO! IGLOO IGLOO IGLOO»

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With 28 likes: Romain Saurel
«what is Igloofest ????»

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A big congratulations to our winners !! You win 4 tickets each !! We wish you top pleasure atIgloofest!! For the others, psss psss, we have a little secret for you ... click here before 17 p.m. today and you will have another chance to win tickets to Igloofest! Quick quick quick…