The top 20 worst baby names heard in 2013

Topito presents us the top 20 worst names of 2013 compiled from the site Babycenter. This section is all the rage every year! And each time, we can't get over how much there are young parents who show rather dubious creativity! Ok enough blah, here without further ado the top 20 worst names of 2013 (drum roll):

20. Rocket


18. Leviathan

17. Legend

16. Hurricane

15. Danish

14. Cheese

13. Apollo

12 Ripley

11. Pipin

10. Zabrina

9. Green

8. Feline


6. Eternity

5. Blip

4. Kiwi

3. Shingles

2. Tintin



No worse eh? And how we like to have fun here at Petit Petit Gamin, we found them family names with his first names there! Here's what it looks like:

20. Rocket Richard

19. Panda Poulin

18. Christian Leviathan

17. Legend Roch

16. Hurricane Labrie

15. Danish Langlais

14. Cheese Paradise

13. Apollo Apollo (still funny that he finds himself at number 13 that one!)

12. Ripley Damon

11. Pipin Pepin

10. Zabrina Zimard

9. Green D.

8. Feline Labelle

7. Ajax Leblanc

6. Eternity Lajeunesse

5. Blip Plouffe (as long as you are in the onomatopoeia ...)

4. Kiwi Laframboise

3. Zona Lagacé

2. Tintin Fortin

1. AIDS Condom

If you have better suggestions, leave them in the comments at the bottom or have a look at the article we did at the time about worst names of 2011 if you want even more !!