Instagram accounts to discover according to photographer Alexandre Champagne

Alexandre champagne, photographer and many more, lately put together a great list of his favorite Instagram accounts. When I saw that he had posted his research on his Facebook page, I took the liberty of writing to him to ask if I could share it with visitors from Petit Petit Gamin. He gladly accepted, and I hope you will find new accounts that will interest you.

Here is the introductory message he wrote:
“As a young man who is very fond of photography, I have developed a weakness for cell phone photography. It's made pretty crazy what we can do now as photos and my medium of choice to share them is Instagram. I have a really strong trip. As I searched and read the app, I found a bunch of people doing wonders. I was tempted to share my findings so here are, in alphabetical order, some nice accounts to follow! ”

@kindaemma A young girl from Quebec who makes crazy landscapes

@Jaredchambers A pretty talented California photographer

@Joshterada The most colorful photos in the world. Sunset lovers; Welcome.

@joshuacogan DC photographer and anthropologist who shoots solid portraits

@mariloubiz The most beautiful girl of all time, an exceptional lover and a person that I really like.

@maurice A kind of masterpiece taken with an iPhone, really impressive.

@mariejoelleparent Our favorite journalist sent to New York. His "feed" is very interesting

@ouisurf The gang of BE CAREFUL, may contain Jean-Michel Péloquin's pecs (Personally, they blind me every time)

@bobbimac A young guy from England with very moody photos.

@rmacoustic One of my favorites in the list, quite impressive.

@theriaultsam Another young man from Quebec who makes solid landscapes.

@tpainter A photographer from Portland, Oregon, who takes stunning portraits.

@thiswildidea An American photographer who is also the guy behind “ Maddie On Things Really really interesting.

@trashhand A classic, very popular and recognized, very solid photos.

And mine @alexandre_champagne

I too decided to take part in the game and draw up a small list of Quebec accounts which are frankly interesting.

@velo_ibike A group that cycles in summer and winter.

@jimmifrancoeur A Quebec photographer who loves tanks / pickups / Jeeps.

@vivlabelle A Montreal designer who takes pictures from a surprising / interesting angle.

@magrondin Introduces us to his world with beautiful and mysterious photos.

@pigeon Portraits of splendid ladies.

And mine @petitpetitgamin

You can share your findings with us in the comments, we'll go see them!