Top 10 Worst Things To Do At A Working Christmas Party!

Good GANG! I know Christmas parties are just around the corner and that's why I decided to put together the list of things NOT to do during your work Christmas party. You see the kind of things you see your colleague doing and you say to yourself: "Ihhhhhh, she's going to blame herself tomorrow!" So, don't forget to read this article again before you go to your party!

1. Drink through a straw in a punch bowl


2. Bring the drunken intern home and believe no one has noticed


3. Arrive at the party already drunk

Christmas Party Season Begins In The UK

 4. Comment on the free menu and alcohol like: "Hey, we're going to get drunk this souwère, it's free"


5. Shout "Shooootteeerrr" all night long when everyone knows the boss pays!


6. Bring everyone up by talking about work (it's lourdd)


7. Look for your shoes nonstop


8. Translate songs out loud like “Love Is In The Air” instead of “Love Is In The Air” you shout at your colleague watching him “Love is in the air” with a proud face


9. Being way too overdressed


10. The worst of the worst… girls! Cry during the party!