Left-handed people have a harder time. The proof in pictures!

Me here, I am left-handed and I really find that life is not suitable for us! (Bin yes, I am looking for something to complain about). I'm so happy that someone decided to illustrate it in pictures!

1. Always have a black hand after a written production

enhanced-buzz-28343 1342213418-3

1.1. Fortunately, someone had the idea to invent these gloves… (WTF)


enhanced-buzz-5094 1342216945-3

2. The levers with the important eyebolts on the right

enhanced-buzz-922 1342217295-1

3. The cane opener that strangely never cuts when it's us who use it

enhanced-buzz-26101 1342214681-7

4. These desks which completely exclude us!

enhanced-buzz-28273 1342213743-4

5. The incessant nudges of the damn right-handed people.

enhanced-buzz-21948 1342208274-4

6. The hand always dirty!

enhanced-buzz-21848 1342208169-1

7. Pens that never really work well because they are tilted the wrong way!

enhanced-buzz-21378 1342208023-1

8. The only two pairs of left-handed scissors when there are three in the classroom! (we learn to share BEFORE the right-handed people)

enhanced-buzz-19760 1342207818-7

9. The damn spiral notebook that fits in our hands and leaves uninviting traces

enhanced-buzz-19219 1342207277-8

10. The vintage bread knife you just can't use