A best of the worst places to put an advertising poster!

Often we believe that to advertise, it is only a matter of finding a crazy flash for a poster and finding a concrete slogan and BOOM, the deal is in the bag! On the other hand, the following photos show us that the place where the posters are placed also counts for a lot! I have to say that in some cases the advertisement gets really funnier and more interesting with its strategic location! (via our friends from MinuteBuzz)

fail-pub-13-545x315 fail-pub-12-545x337 fail-pub-11-545x270 fail-pub-10-545x542 fail-pub-9-545x506 fail-pub-7-545x260 fail-pub-6-545x341 fail-pub-5-545x353 fail-pub-4-545x603 fail-pub-3-545x449 fail-pub-2-545x408 fail-pub-1-545x360