The Mustachus Scion Kids contest for Movember

This year for Movember, we embark on the adventure of mustaches! We currently have 49 people in our Mustachus Scion Kids. It would be fun if we double that this week! Last Friday, to celebrate the launch of Movember, I organized in collaboration with 25Stanley and Scion, a Shave Off at the Nacho Libre bar. I played the game of being shaved by one of the two top ladies. You can see in the Vine all my nervousness before I have my facial hair removed by this lady. Since I got my beard, I get knocked out when I go out in bars!

Jessica Rabbit slightly flayed the team's JT 25 Stanley Scion!

Screenshot 2013-11-04 to 12.39.49

Pierre from the Candiac Toyota dealership also got involved!


In addition to supporting a good cause, you can participate in a top competition!!

If you join the team of Mustachus Scion Kids, you have the chance to win a gift card for the fun / funky sweaters site Threadless, a one-year subscription to the excellent magazine Urbania, a sweater with your mustached face that I will wear as part of my column at the Buzz from Musique Plus and finally a dinner and a comedy show with none other than myself, the Petit Petit Gamin in person!

When you register, you automatically receive 5 chances to win one of the prizes. If you donate, you get 5 more. And if you're a little intense kid and really want to win, just go to a Scion dealer, take a picture of your mustache there and attach it to the Registration Form to have 50 more chances of winning.