Kid - 60 things that are fun

It is rare that artists in Quebec can say that they have reached the 4th season of their webseries. This is the case of Jonathan roberge and its excellent program Son (the only Quebec series that I listen to religiously). As part of the show Buzz At Musique Plus, I decided to take inspiration from Fiston and do a Kid version. So I took the concept "100 kidding things”And I did“ 60 fun deals ”. Why just 60 and not 100? Because 60 is the passing mark so why make more tse;)

A big thank you to Jo, aka I have the best shower stories, for coming to make an appearance and to the top ultra team Alexis & Mathilde for the great achievement as well as my bro Joce!
Ps: Pellepa you're heavy young lady, heavy heavy heavy!