Lip Sync competition with Vanessa Pilon, Jeanbart and Pellep Pellep Pellep

This week Jimmy Fallon called me, yes yes THE Jimmy Fallon, to tell me that he had gastro and that he had thought of me to replace him. I immediately asked him why he didn't suggest this great opportunity to his friend Justin Timberlake. He replied that Justin must take time to answer all messages from the video of top lady Cheli. So I left for New York to animate the Late Pellep where I made the famous lip sync competition with 2 people that I really like: the finally vanessa pilon and the giant jeanbart. There was a heated battle over who was the best of the 3 of us? A big thank you also to Genius Matilda, with magic cap Alexis & dog Chief Clandestine Illegal to have accompanied us on this trip.

I realized a childhood dream because I always wanted to participate in the lip sync contest of 100 watts club.