15 films you must see on the Club à Volonté

I don't know if you are aware of this, but for a few days there has been a new service in the Illico platform "Club at Will”Which arrived on the web and which offers films / series in French for Quebecers. I took the opportunity to dig a little into their repertoire to suggest my 15 selections. I warn you, I made you my 90s choices, lover and comedic.

To subscribe to Club at Will, it's simple: the first month is free and the others are $ 9.99. The principle is like a buffet, once you are registered, you devour all the films you want without limit.

1. The summer of my 11th birthday (See the film profile)

Because Macaulay Culkin has made other good films besides "Mom, I missed the plane" and this film is touching. Summer_De_Mes_11_Ans_Vf_W_Poster

2. What am I doing now (Trailer)

The concept is just too good: hearing the thoughts of Mikey, a baby who is too fresh

3. School ... It's secondary (Trailer)

One of my favorite comedies, plus there's the beautiful Tia Carrere (aka Cassandra in Wayne's World)

4. Supermalads (Trailer)

Just for McLovin (the one on the left) you gotta see this movie

5. The fifth element (Trailer)

The costumes, the actors, the story… this film is a classic of science fiction

6. Vice versa (See the film profile)

When an adult has the body of a child and the child is found in the body of his father. A 1987 film that is still good today. Vice_Versa_Vf_W_Poster

7. Hello Baba (Trailer)

What to do when you are with a girl and you don't have condoms? Here are 2 guys who work hard with Jamie Foxx who is too too too funny. Hello_Baba_Vf_Poster

8. A league in petticoats (Trailer)

I admit everything, there is a scene in this little gem of a film where I fell in love.

9. Funny blondes (See the film profile)

The 2 guys are so ugly like a girl, that I laughed throughout the film (so silly but so delicious).

10. Explosive duo (Trailer)

Just because I had to at least choose a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie (plus there's the eccentric Dennis Rodman) duo_explosive_vf_WetBA_Poster

11. The professional (See the film profile)

Jean Reno and young young Nathalie Portman are excellent in this little little masterpiece

12. July XNUMX (See the film profile)

There are also some Quebecois films on Club à Volonté, and this one is perfect if you are thinking of moving soon.

13. The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain (Trailer)

A classic to review

14. Caleb's daughters (See the film profile)

The first series I listened to in my life, I was in love with Marina Orsini ♥♥♥

15. Dexter (See the sheet of this series)

One of the best series right now

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