Barry White (my dog) makes a top mysterious discovery

I was walking this morning with Barry White (my flirtatious dog of nice ladies) and he discovered a baseball bat buried under leaves. Usually I wouldn't have paid attention but it was weird / strange because there was a USB stick stuck after. I took some pictures, I don't know if that tells you what?

There I was really annoyed to see what was on the USB key! I told myself that it was maybe a sextape of a Quebec star, the winning numbers of the next 649 or incriminating photos of Gilles Vaillancourt. When I put the key in my computer there was only a web address leading to this video. Looks like I've found an important piece / clue to the excellent and intriguing web series Judas? I don't know if you listen to this series but at Petit Petit Gamin we are big fans.