My favorite candidates for the elections

The elections are fast approaching, and if you still haven't made up your mind, I have put together a small list of my favorite candidates from each party here for you. I don't know if this will help you choose, but at least it should entertain you a little ...

Green Party - Jozyam Fontaine, Hull

She clearly has one of the most fruity names of the entire campaign (neck and neck with the liberal candidate Filomena Rotiroti), but it was certainly his funky videos that appealed to me:

Special mention also to Yves Laporte, in Crémazie, for the most blurry video ever. Good luck to voters in recognizing it on their ballot!

Québec Solidaire - Vincent Lemay-Thivierge, Saint Jérome

Well yes, he is Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge's brother. Singer-songwriter and acrobat (admit that you've never seen a rock show with backflips and triple-stitched loops!), Vincent shows us that having an actor brother doesn't necessarily make you a great actor. He at least has the merit of having written his own campaign song.

National option - Simon-Pierre Bélanger, Viau

Option Nationale may be a small party with little representation in the mass media, but they have been very present on the web and on social media. In this little “humorous” capsule, Viau's candidate Simon-Pierre Bélanger tries to find the miracle recipe to create a viral video. Stop looking, dude, Mat St-Onge has the answer!

Parti Québécois - Carole Poirier, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

I'm so happy, one of my favorite candidates is running in my riding, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve! Carole Poirier is therefore running for a second term in my hood, and to ensure the support of voters, she publishes every week on her Youtube channel a video diary straight out of the nineties. Here is one of her most recent capsules, which focuses on care for the elderly:

Wow. Computer graphics, lens flare, the intoxicating rise on the air Up to us. I give three and a half stars!

Coalition Avenir Québec - Jean-Marc Landry, Bonaventure

If you find that Carole Poirier is old-fashioned, wait until you see Jean-Marc Landry, whom we had already introduced to you earlier in another ticket. Westfalia, strawberry jam, wool socks, videos filmed on VHS (240p FTW!), It looks like this guy is still living in the 70s!

Maaaan, the CAQ-Mobile, it's so wrong !!

Quebec Liberal Party - Anson Duran, Gouin

We will leave the poor one alone Marc Antoine Trudel, he's already suffered enough like that. Here is Anson Duran, young man clean and well dressed (he plays soccer in a jacket, anyway!) And with a good sense of humor (ha ha, it's funny, all his signs have been ransacked!). His commitment: to meet ALL of Gouin's voters, without exception. Another beautiful liberal promise that will never be kept ...

Independent - Kamal G. Lutfi, Chomedey

Former candidate of the CAQ, our good Kamal put his foot in the dishes a little and had to resign himself to running for Chomedey as an independent. Throughout the campaign, he offered us several tasty little moments of intimacy, including this impressive demonstration of her dancing skills at the Montreal Grec Festival:

Independent - Matthieu Bonin, Beauharnois

Also known as "the guy who breaks his boat", vlogger Matty Bonin has decided, like the Gros Cave in the last federal election, to get into the political race. His greatest electoral promise: to replace the crucifix in the National Assembly with a washer. No joke. Here he is breaking out (what else!) The day after the leaders' debate.