Pryseis - Tanks, daughters of reggaeton from Quebec

Directly from St-J "aimaica" rome I present to you Pryseis, singer / artist / dancer (1:00). You can see a racing history as good as Fast and Furious, a step up style choreography and dancehall reggaeton from Quebec. Everything is perfect, I'm just sad because I expected to see Karl Wolfe or Massari in the clip. (via Gab Roy vs Pryseis and Marc who should start a blog)

The integration does not work (Pryseis decided that you have to watch the clip on Youtube) so I made a screenshot to pretend that the clip is there, but in the background when you're going to click you're going to go to Youtube. I just wanted you to know it beforehand, so that you don't think to yourself "hey I click and I'm going to Youtube, what's the report because me, that's wrong with me and the hell of your…." ok I'll stop ;)