La Plaza St-Hubert offers top shows as part of Atmosph'air

Do you know Atmosph'air which takes place at the Plaza St-Hubert from July 4 to 8? I live 2 blocks from the Plaza and it's always a party! If you don't know about this event, here are my 5 reasons why I'm going to go there again this year.

1. To sing the lyrics of the song “Animal” of one of my many youthful lovers ❤ France D'amour ❤


2. Discover the group Los Quebecos Del Son (I love the name), it's our Buena Vista Social Club back home!


3. Seeing Alex Nevsky for the first time, it seems that the guy really performs!


4. Have fun with the Canailles mega group who will not be at Ameublements Elvis but at La Plaza St-Hubert


5. Just to grab a beer / sangria on a patio and shop across the street for deals.

Top shows, shopping, sangria, smiles and maybe you'll find the love of your life!

More information: here