To bring back memories of the 90s

My bro, Jocelyn Pelichet, has had a lot of success (almost 600 views) with its video "50 guitar riffs from the early 90sToday he launches the sequel with 50 guitar riffs from the late 90s. His video contains so many songs that I loved when I was a kid with my mushroom cut and my Ecko kangaroo. At the time I thought that Joan Osborne was Ozzy's daughter, that the Shampoo girls were the most beautiful in the world, that Everlast was not a one hit wonder and I dreamed of kissing a top lady on the song " Kiss Me ”by Sixpence None the Richer. Candy this video for memories, and a solid performance from my bro. And besides, if you love the guitar and you're in Montreal, he gives lessons!