The new Éric Lapointe from Quebec - ♥ Mario Benjamin ♥

0:04 - He says a prayer (for his career to work I imagine ...)
0:14 - We're at 14 seconds and well me with bro
0:24 - Crime it seems to really hurt you.
0:37 - Moment of imagination please we do not speak thank you!
1:07 - Man, I was scared ... I jumped
1:14 - From se ……. TAIREEEEE!
2:22 - "Chu ac toé bonhomme" - Mario Benjamin alias Clin d'oeil
2:57 - I suspected (see first line) that there was the Lord in this whole story
4:04 - His thumb goes far back
4:43 - An eye, a baby and a microphone, you understand? This is the essence of the song!

Hey, I think I'll scream for the rest of the day! BORDEL CAN YOU HEAR ME HEYYYYYRRRRRRRR!
(Via Andy Gee)