Image / In Contest - Vote to break the clichés!

Image / In, a contest to break the clichés

In order to make the population, and more particularly young people, aware of the concerns and problems related to appearance and body image, the organization ÉquiLibre invites you to vote for your favorite initiative as part of the awards Image / In, which reward Quebec companies in the world of fashion, media and advertising that promote a healthier and more diverse representation of the body of women and men, often forgotten but just as sensitive to the stereotypes conveyed by the media.

Your for your favorite initiative, you could win too!

A jury made up of young professionals has selected 5 projects, but it's up to you to determine the winner! Go on to find the finalists and enter your vote! You could win a iPad or a visit to a television set!

Photo credit: Nathalie Charland