Jonathan Painchaud vs. Chuck norris

The new clip of Jonathan painchaud for the song Bruce Lee vs. Chuck norris leaves me a little puzzled. In fact, only one question comes to mind when I listen to it: Why? It's beautiful, we understood that you liked kung fu and bad action movies (us too, by the way) and that you really liked it to put you in a comic (that we tripped a little less) , worse the trip to play Rambo worse at Rocky like when we were ass, it's cool, I get it, we all have a little of that inside of us, but I have a lot of trouble finding it funny, despite your obvious desire for self-mockery (something I respect a lot, by the way).

The other problem is that the whole patent looks like a steroid mix and without much imagination of the clips of Like on TV from Omnikrom, where members of the formation appear on posters and VHS sleeves, and It by Rich Aucoin, which recreates cult classic scenes of cinema (well, if we can qualify A Night at the Roxbury classic).

A word of advice, don't stop pumping cast iron, because if Chuck Norris ever falls on it, you're done, my Painchaud! (Do you have pognes?)