The 15 most popular articles of 2011 on

Here are the 15 most viewed articles on Petit Petit Gamin in 2011. We really had fun showing you these videos / photos / reports. Big love!

15. The metro is expanding

14. AMAZING what makeup can do

13. Photoshop Disasters (PSD)

12. Expectations vs. reality

11. Petit Petit Gamin at the Poutineville Challenge (Part 2/2)

(yes! our report)

10. Quebec artists for your computer background

9. But where is our youth going?

8. The condoms you want to have

7. The BEFORE and AFTER photos

6.Pictures taken at the right time

5.Which artist you wouldn't be surprised to learn about his homosexuality?

4. Art is everywhere !!!

3. Quebec personalities without eyebrows

2. B4 a Laval bar for teens

1. The most expensive apartment in Montreal?