The My Dad is Rich tour starts tonight

Have you seen this video? He toured the internets / Quebec in 10 days (Over 400 views).

Jonathan montalvos decided to step out of anonymity and go bar crawling. You read that correctly, that is indeed what he is undertaking this evening at BLVD44. You can see the event page on Facebook here. It's real!

Is it smart to try and capitalize on a viral video?
Does he throw himself head first into the mouth of the wolf, and he will get paid 1000 drinks?
Will there be “My father is rich part.2” tomorrow morning on Youtube.
Does he want to do the sequel and replace Macaulay Culkin in the movie Richie Rich

You can find out more about this 20-year-old CEGEP student here: 

Your opinion on it? I am "WELL NO! seerrrr»