Winter Souvenirs Contest presented by Ski Bromont

As winter is coming and it scares us a little, we started looking for winter memories in our old photo albums and we ended up remembering that we love it, basically , play in the snow, and it's really not that bad at temperatures of -25 ° C when you dress warmly. And we said to ourselves that we would like to see that your photos en hold snow a room of yours too, or maybe the photo of the time you tried to jump from the balcony of the second in a big snowbank, or well of the time when you lost one of your skis in the ski lift and you had to go down the entire trail on one leg.

Here, for example, that was the time when I had one foot in plaster and four feet of snow had fallen in one night:

Winter memories

This is where we said to ourselves "Whoa minute, why don't we make this a great competition?" We could even call it The Winter Souvenirs Contest! " Winter memories, is you pretty cheesy for your taste as a contest name? It sounds a bit like The summer of my 11th birthday (this movie with the boy allergic to bees who made us all cry when we were kids), but in the time of the Christmas holidays.

So it's simple, all you have to do is send us a funny photo of yourself in winter and you could win a pair of tickets for one ski day in Bromont (and the eternal glory of having won a contest on Petit Petit Gamin)! We are going to do a great article on Petit Petit Gamin with all the photos received and we will draw a winner at random among the participants.

So to recap, you send us a photo like this:

Winter Souvenirs Contest presented by Ski Bromont

or like this:

And you get the chance to win a pair of ski tickets, courtesy of Ski Bromont.


Send us your photo at with your full name, Email Address et phone number before monday 7 november. The best photos will be found in an article on Petit Petit Gamin and a winner will be chosen at random from all participants!

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