Louis-José Houde "Gougou"

If you've read the post titled " My boy Louis-José Houde »From my boy Pellep a few days ago, you know then that the famous humorist concocts tasty internet capsules for the ADISQ Gala which will be presented on October 30 on Radio-Canada. Question to make our mouths water, LJH combs through the album cover acknowledgments of various artists nominated for the gala. This time, we discover the entourage of Roch Voisine and Annie Villeneuve including a certain Nicolas Gougou that Louis-José Houde will have fun making fun of because of his last name… But don't worry too much Nicolas (if you ever read this blog), because in his mockery, LJ is not even able to remember your name correctly (1m29).
Nicolas (AKA Éric) Gougou: 1
Louis-José Houde: 1 also because we like you.