Top Gamineries # 4 - The 10 Worst Super Heroes

The authors of comic books sometimes seem to lack a bit of inspiration. I want to believe that it's not easy to t a Spiderman or a Wolverine, but sometimes the characters they invent are beyond comprehension. Take the example of Squirrel Girl, this girl who knew how to talk to squirrels (and who among other things single-handedly defeated the enemy no. 1 of the Fantastic Four, dr doom), or Triathlon, the dude who was as strong as THREE men! Not a hundred, not twelve, three! We do not specify whether it is three really strong men or just three jacks ordinary, which would amount to a really strong man. But no more dithering, here is my list of the 10 worst superheroes. If you have others to suggest, feel free to link them in the comments!

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