Top Gamineries # 2 - BACON BACON BACON

For my very first Top Gamineries, I decided to tell you about the passion that drives me since childhood: bacon. Both tender and crisp, with its aromas of salt and smoke, bacon is undoubtedly an essential ingredient for a balanced breakfast. It's so good that I know several staunch vegans who completely turn cornflower when they smell the overwhelming smell of bacon in the frying pan and who regularly have to undergo group therapy to help them overcome their addiction. (take my word for it, a vegan relapsing bacon, it's not a pretty sight). But I'm getting confused, I'm not here to suggest non-meaty bacon substitutes, but rather to talk to you about real deal and try the gang to pass you the bacon-mania virus, the tastiest disease on Earth. But you had probably caught it already, anyway.

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