Groupe Tazor offers Quebec's new Facebook

I don't know if you know Bomb Info that I host on the excellent site (I also invite you to discover the shows Vox Pop, The brick as well as the new show The Greasers)? The guys from Bombe TV introduced me to the official Tazor Group video.

0:20 Right from the start I'm as it seems to me that there are a lot of computers behind him, right?
0:40 "With a basic site with its shell»- quote from Patrick
0:55 Little hesitation
1:03 Now I understand why there are so many computers behind you
1:08 Avant-garde transition

* I'm sure he has the jacket and running combo for a casual look.
** I love this video so much that I even took the time to watch the movie playing back in one of the screens
*** As Liam would say "Oh la la, the pitch of the century"

You want more, don't miss the video here
(Via little little fan Caroline // Thank you lady)