Kanye West and his friends fall from the camp

Kanye West is everywhere right now with her music video for the excellent play "OtisWith Jay-Z. But he is also everywhere for his downfall while performing the play "All Of The Lights".

I don't know why, but it looks like all the stars in their careers fall on stage, it's like a classic. There must be a guy who takes care of the scenes who puts soap on the stage to drag the stars? I did a little research and found some more for you.

Lady Gaga who fell in Houston last April

Katy Perry who falls falls falls and falls

One of my favorites, after having "trashed" a little, Beyonce falls on the scene in Orlando

Lil Mama was not yet ready to do the "Soulja Boy Dance"

Jason formerly of Metallica is not doing worse

Another one that I really like, Jennifer Lopez which falls at the right time in the song

Bonus: I have no choice but to put this classic on you!