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Yesterday I was listening to Much Rétro, the only station I listen to on television, and I still have great pleasure in seeing the old clips. It's often incoherent stories, ladies with fat 90s style and deliciously cheesy / good songs. I present to you today clips from the 90s / early 2000 that you forgot and that you secretly love! We can replace the "you" by "I"!Serial Joe, a Canadian band with a singer who has a porcupine hairstyle. I was jealous of him because he was walking past a lady. I present you the hit Mistake. [stream provider = youtube flv = http% 3A // / watch% 3Fv% 3DxVsmv3lIwHw img = x: / embed = true share = true width = 640 height = 427 dock = true controlbar = bottom skin = bandwidth = high autostart = false /] Suite Suite Suite