Exclusive interview with The Dolans!

Last Thursday, the team of Petit Petit Gamin went to the Belmont, on boulevard Saint-Laurent, to attend the great return to Montreal of The Dolans, which has been raging since the release of his most recent music video, Baudelaire. The crowd gathered between the walls of the small hall where, a few years ago, The Dolans burned the boards for the first time were obviously anxious to finally see their favorite group in Montreal after an absence of almost two years, during which the Members of the squad have traveled the globe to the delight of fans around the world. Only one concert in the metropolis scheduled for The Dolans this year, and it's Petit Petit Gamin who obtained an exclusive interview with the members of the group! A little nervous at the idea of ​​meeting my idols, it is with butterflies in the belly and the pounding heart that I joined the singer and guitarist Jo Panama and the drummer Gabriel King backstage as they leave the stage for ask them a few questions.