Operation peanut butter: the pilgrimage!

As a young woman cuvée 1983, I have the series of Tales for all tattooed on the heart. We have all seen the films 100 times and if Ciné-Cadeaux has the misfortune of not playing our favorite film of the series, that makes us all a little irritable, doesn't it? Among my favorites there is Peanut butter operation. Even as an adult it took me years to listen to it again because I still had the bitch (you can guess I haven't seen a lot of horror movies in my life). Thanks to my friend Guillaume (the only guy able to quote the series Degrassi Junior High in a master's seminar) I discovered that someone had the brilliant idea of ​​spotting on google map full of cult locations from the film. There you have it, I just found you an exciting activity for the long Easter break! Among other things, we find there the school of Michel our favorite bald friend, his house or the places of the bike chase!

A little trailer for everyone's enjoyment

and why not Céline's tune!

Thank you Guillaume!