During his most recent stint on Conan's show, The Situation indirectly showed how he loves himself. He spent most of the interview staring at the monitor to see himself. He's the kind of guy that every time he comes home his stereo automatically plays applause. He must surely also have mirrors, photos showing his 6pack and like in the movies a kind of painting of himself at the top of the fireplace. [Stream provider = youtube flv = http% 3A // / watch% 3Fv% 3DpPF2H95gEBU img = x: / embed = true share = true width = 640 height = 427 dock = true controlbar = bottom skin = bandwidth = high autostart = false /] (Via Simon Douville) I also take this opportunity to present you some photos of him that I like. I mean he likes it. I no longer want to say that he is the one who appropriates my post at the moment on Petit Petit Gamin to put more of it. So here are some pics of The Situation aka the most loving man in the world!