Alexandre Pellerin in 365 Times

Alexandre Pellerin, a good friend of Petit Petit Gamin to whom we also owe the very funny video clips of FreeTime, took an important resolution for 2011: each of the 365 days of the year, he must publish on his blog a drawing of him in a crazy situation. A kind of exercise aimed at stimulating one's creativity to stay su'a coche in the world of advertising. To date the result is very funny and I would like to invite you all to follow his adventures on his blog, Me in 365 Times. My favorite drawings after the jump ...

“Me looking for a place to write 'Buy Post-It'. "

"Kuy tfz mrhdkt skwel idkel% ldks # wms &. "

“Me in Snuggie. "

“Me on a Dolphin-Pirate who shits rainbows and stars. "