Faceless Top-Model

Usually, it's the feet that disgust me. To be honest, close-up toes makes me sick.

But here, this video presents a woman who earns her living by being a model…. With hands…


0:06 She's one of the most used models… but we've never seen her face. I can't decide which is more creepy: his hands or his facial expressions.

0:27 My hands are beautiful, all bare. WTF ?! Me, my hands, I like them better gloved ?!

0:40 GLOVES !!!!

She hypnotizes us with fluid movements with her fingers while she praises the “health” of her hands… This is where those hands are worse than toes!

2:10 The "seductive" pose… .she hypnotizes herself in front of her own hands. And the host seems to run out of words.

I'm dying to see her in her everyday life. At the grocery store, taking the products with his elbows, for example.