Actor Leslie Nielsen died of pneumonia on Sunday at the age of 84. A top comic that made me laugh so much during my youth with the trilogy The agent does the prank (Naked Gun). Here are some jokes where I fell off my sofa while doing the fish on the floor I was so screwed up! Thank you Leslie Nielsen, your humor influenced me to be funny in life! I must add that I always mixed between Leslie Nielson and Lloyd Bridges, the one who played in Pilots in the air (Hot Shots). In fact, I thought you were one individual!

1. A scene with Anna Nicole Smith (the sound of the spring)

Christmas is approaching and I am slowly starting to think about my annual hymn compilation, the one that I will be playing as a loop at all family parties to make sure everyone has a headache and goes to bed. good hour. This year I'm going to do a video compilation, so all the senses of my poor parents will be stimulated at the same time. Migraine guaranteed.http: // V = K7WXnG0X_0o