I notice the girls biiiiien more than before

I present to you "Toi qui changes" with young actors who are as talented as an actor from Watatatow.

  • 0:45 (love the fit) At first when I started changing I felt weird because I didn't know what was going to happen to me. (Looks like he's talking about some serious illness)
  • 1:05 Looks like a member of the group The Classels
  • 1:39 I've never seen a lady smile like her when it comes to menstruation.
  • 1:44 Lucky you caught up with your friends
  • 1:55 I shouted "You know, he's playing with the straps of our bras"
  • 2:30 Worse but worse actor
  • 2:40 MY FAVORITE, BEST REPLY IN THE WORLD (Big big up also for the champion's intonation)
  • 2:48 The champion aka the little monkey is back!