With one Doritos he killed them all.

Today I decided to use this blog to promote the Friends video of mine known as Roadkill Superstars. Here is the ad they concocted in order to win the competition for the new Doritos flavor, to win a monetary prize that would greatly help them to make their feature film: THE BAGMAN. This video follows two ads (Ninja Eliminator 1 and 2) that you saw at the FANTASIA and SPASM festival. So please be smart and vote for their ad here:

[youtube = http: // v = yRA1ozeU7p4 & hl = fr_FR & fs = 1 &]

Here is Ninja Eliminator:

ninja eliminator from on Vimeo.

And the famous bagman pub! In which I play a mini role (will you be able to find me?):

The BAGMAN Trailer (demo) from on Vimeo.