June I will never forget you

I didn't want to post this video, but after consuming it over 100 times at each of my friends, I had no choice. Everyone was telling me "You have to post it on Petit Petit Gamin, it's quality that thing ”. So I present to you with joy joy joy my favorite rapper this year (big mention also to T3rio and his 13 year old lady) none other than June who warmed my ears during that cold month of December. I love / love his accent which is beautiful at 0:20, big big Up to his boner at 0:45, I like that the children in the class are between 4 years old and the age of the chick at T3rio, rerererredoubleurs? and the pallet of the folded cap it's been too 90s. Punchline of the song: "And how many times the recipe for hot dog sausages and mashed potatoes was found on our plate"

You like it? I invite you to download his free-net-album via his site To read the lyrics and thus have the chance to sing with him It's Here Here Here.

[youtube = http: // v = yMD2g6shAsI]